Situated in the heart of Vrancea County Mountains, Lepsa Resort is a true oasis of peace and natural beauty, a place where every turist wants to come and feel the true mountain nature. During summertime you would have to choose between hiking in "Cheile Tisitei" Natural Park (one of the most spectacular Natural Reservations in Romania, renown for its wildlife and amazing species of plants), spoiling in the sun on Lepsa river side, in a magnificent landscape, or regaining spiritual peace at Lepsa Monastery, just 200 m away fom Jollie Villa. In the winter time you can have great fun practicing winter sports, horse sledging or just enjoying a cup of hot wine with cinnamon.
« CHEILE TIŞITEI » NATURAL RESERVATION . Cheile Tisitei Natural Reservation is one of the main attractions of Lepsa Resort Area. Right here, Tisita River sculpted a deep valley between "Tisaru Mare" peak and "Magura Caprei" peak forming an amazing landscape, a combination between a spectacular canyon and a sea of green vegetation. The Reservation is situated at an altitude of 850 m and it measures 4.5 km in length, being one of the most protected natural areas in Vrancea County and also in Romania. If you visit the Reservation, luckily you will see on the rocky slopes wild animals: black goat, deer, bears, wolfs, some of them on the list of endangered species in Romania.
LEPSA MONASTERY. No matter the season you visit Lepsa Resort, you can always enter for a few minutes in the tiny church of Lepsa Monastery. Located in a splendid natural landscape and maintained with love and care by the few nuns who live here, Lepsa Monastery is one of the oldest religious buildings in Vrancea County. It was first built in 1789 by the local people on the land donated by a very humble man in Tulnici Village, called Grigore Gherman. After almost 150 years it was demolished in 1927 and it was rebuilt using only wood in 1936. During the Communist Era it was persecuted , but from 1989 it was reestablished and was given the privileges it deserves. The Monastery is located just 200 m away from Jollie Villa, making possible for the tourists to participate every night at the religious ceremonial without having to worry about the distance to the accommodation place.
PUTNA RIVER WATERFALLS. Five km before entering Lepsa Resort, you have to stop and visit Putna River Waterfalls, a natural mini-reservation. You can reach just over the waterfalls by descending some stone stairs. The waterfall is 80 m in length and the water collects in a 12 m deep lake. You will be surprised by the wilderness of the area and the force of the water, which carved a wonderful canyon in the granite rocks. A short halt in these wonderful surroundings can have a therapeutic and refreshing effect upon a tired and stressed turist. It is only an hour away of Jollie Villa.
LEPSA TROUT FARM. If you like good food and especially delicacies, you will have to prepare yourself for a trout fiesta, because Lepa has one of the biggest Trout Farms in Romania. Founded in 1955, Lepsa Trout Farm has 10 tons of trout both for breeding and supplying the top Romanian restaurants. Trout is also for sale here at very cheap prices, so you can enjoy a very good meal with trout specialties.
OTHER ATTRACTIONS. The main key element that makes Lepsa Resort so attractive is the pure mountain air, which is one, if not THE MOST RICH IN OXYGEN AIR IN ROMANIA. Studies were made in the area which indicates a very high concentration of oxygen in the air due to the wide pine forest present in this natural landscape. LEPSA is THE PLACE for long strolls in the nature.

You can also go hiking to Soveja and Gresu, two other important villages in the area. In Soveja you have the possibility to visit a Mausoleum built in the honor of the Romanian heroes that fought bravely in the First World War. Soveja-Lepsa Area was a bastion of resistance in the great battles that took place here.
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