The roads that take you to the heart of Vrancea Mountains aren't very sinuous and they are in a very good condition.

Lepsa is situated 80Km away from Focsani, which is the capital of Vrancea County. You can reach Lepsa in approximately one hour if you don't stop to take photos of the beautiful landscape. Our recommendation for the best route from Focsani to Lepsa is the following:

  •   Focsani - Bolotesti - Vidra - Valea Sarii -Barsesti- Tulnici - Lepsa  

The following lines are about the distances between Focsani and the main cities around Vrancea County including Bucharest:

  • Bucharest   (180 km - excellent road, re-done in 2004 - E 85)
  • Buzau  ( 75 km -E 85 )
  • Ploiesti ( 160 km - E 85)
  • Constanta ( 271 km -DN2A, DN 222, DN 204)
  • Galati  (115 km -DN 25 )
  • Braila  ( 93 km -DN 204 )
  • Tulcea ( 185 km -DN 204,DN 22)
  • Barlad  (95 km - DN 24)
  • Vaslui  (150 km- DN 240)

Once you made it to Lepsa, you have to go 1.5 km on the main road from the entrance to reach Lepsa Trout Farm. You pass the Trout Farm and you go 0.6 km until you reach a bridge followed by an intersection. The roads that go from that intersection have a 90° angle between them and on the left side of the intersection, immediately after the bridge (passes Lepsa River), you can see a General Store. You have to take right, on the road to Soveja. The road is parallel with Lepsa River. You have to go 1 km till you will see on the right side of the road Lepsa Monastery. Opposite to the monastery you will see a blue metal bridge that passes Lepsa River. Before the monastery you  step out from the main road on the left side and you cross that blue metal bridge. After the bridge you make left and HERE YOU ARE! YOU HAVE ARRIVED TO JOLLIE VILLA.

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